There are many factors in the macro environment that can affect vital components of the business, including supply and demand levels, as well as service, product and operating costs. One of them is PEST analysis. So what is PEST? You may have heard of it as there are many other terms associated with it, including STEP, PESTLE, PESTEL, PESTLIED, PESTE, STEEPLE, STEEPLED, LEPEST, SLEPT and LE PEST C. As we all know, there are several changes that take place in society. which then create an uncertain environment. These changes affect the performance and functions of the entire organization. This type of analysis classifies the forces that can affect business and are classified into political, economic, social and technological, hence PEST. With this analysis, you will be able to observe their impact on your organization and their relationship with each other. Now, your problem may be knowing when to use PEST as a strategy analysis system.

According to several experts, if you need to know when to use PEST, you should take a look at your business first. There are many companies around the world that struggle when it comes to identifying opportunities and taking advantage of them. In connection with this, they also find it difficult to create a plan that works against threats that could affect the longevity and health of their business. The results you can gain from the PEST analysis will allow you to gain insight into how to eliminate or minimize the deadly effects of threats in our business and always be able to spot opportunities as they approach your business. You can also use the data to prepare useful and meaningful strategic and business plans.

PEST is definitely a useful tool but there are still other people who doubt its capabilities. They immediately wonder why to use PEST analysis when there are other means to analyze environmental influences for the company. The fact of the matter is that PEST can help you understand the decline or growth of your market along with the location of your business, direction and future of your business. With PEST, you can do a review on a particular situation in your company. One of the best things about PEST is that you can use it with other strategic analysis tools. For example SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and PEST can work well together. If you choose to use their combined capability, PEST will provide you with a context for SWOT analysis. With PEST you can outline the broad context that influences business operations and situations. Hence, SWOT will assist in the interpretation of the results which will help determine the strengths and weaknesses of the