What exactly are First Person Shooting games? First Person Shooting games or FPS as they are often described, are a kind of video games which center their gameplay around the weapon a player is holding. This means that they give you an insider’s view of game play. you can feel things through the eyes of the character playing the game. Most of these First Person shooting games are action-based, meaning that you will have an objective or set of goals to achieve and you (the player) embark on your journey to accomplish the goals.

Here is my collection of the top PC First Person Shooting games in 2009, as well as a quick review of the game:Not too long back, Left 4 Dead was named one of the top PC games of the year 2008. It’s no surprise that its sequel is on the top PC titles of the year. Much like the original, Left 4 Dead 2 takes place in its aftermath following an apocalyptic outbreak and centers on four survivors fighting against the hordes of the infected , or the undead, as I prefer to refer to them.The survivors must battle their way through various levels, and are joined by safehouses that serve as checkpoints with the intention of locating an escape vehicle by the end of the campaign.

The thing that makes the game difficult lies in the artificial intelligence engine often referred to as the ‘director which changes the game’s gameplay based on the performance of players at every stage. Overall, if you loved the first game and enjoyed the game, you’ll love 4 dead 2 is a must-have. 4 Dead 2 is an essential game to purchase.

Genre(s) Genre(s): 1st Person PC Shooting Third Person Shooter Action Mode(s) single player Multiplayer and Multiplayer Online

The most eagerly anticipated PC games of 2009 This is the second installment in the Modern Warfare series. Modern Warfare 2 continues the high-speed action and speed as players must protect the world from an additional danger. As Sergeant. Gary You along with your band of heroes have to battle for victory in a variety of combat situations. The deathmatch and specops mode let players collaborate with other players, or fight against other players.

The Call of Duty series continues to be among the most popular First Person shooting games ever since the first time they were released.

The storyline of Borderlands is centered around the planet Pandora in which everyone is smitten by an object known as the Vault’. It has mysterious power and treasures, and the path to the Vault is exactly what makes the game among the top PC games of the year 2009. 메이저놀이터 also gives players an incredible multiplayer online. Players can have the option of switching between games at any time, or doing it alone!

With life-like animated characters, customizable vehicles, and real-time physical effects, Borderlands isn’t so much about a massive and massive story. However, it’s these effects that make the game one of the most enjoyable first-person shooting games of the year 2009.

Genre(s) Genre(s): One Person PC Shooting, Tactical Shooter Action Mode(s) that include Single Player Co-op with Single Player Multiplayer; Multiplayer Co-op

This first person shooting military tactical game is on my top list of FPS games due to its amazing surroundings and background setting. The maps used in The mission have been based off the actual terrain from Kiska (Alaska). The game is played on the tiny island of Kiska and is also known as Skira for the purpose of this game. It is. The island is on the northern coastline of Japan and was set in the year 2010. Kiska is dispute territory that is contested by two nations and is the site of an armed struggle in the wake of the discovery of a huge gas and oil reserve. Fantastic animation and a difficult game play make Flashpoint among the best PC first-person shooting games