You should not ignore cleaning your air ducts. The consequences can be a polluted environment, more congestion, and other health problems.

Air pollution is becoming a more serious problem. They are working to keep indoor air clean and safe by using filtration and regular vent cleaning. Regular maintenance of your heating and cooling systems’ air ducts will remove common contaminants like dust.

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Vent cleaning is an important part of maintaining the Energy Home Service – Air Duct Cleaning cleanliness and quality of your indoor environment. It is well-known that regular cleaning of your home’s air ducts can prevent serious health problems. A simple cleaning can make a significant difference in the health and well-being of family members, as well as people suffering from allergies. Experts say that family members who have had their air ducts cleaned at home show a marked improvement in their pulmonary conditions. It is important to keep your home’s air ducts clean and free of dirt if you or someone you know is suffering from a condition.

Air ducts are hollow tubes made Richmond Hill Duct Cleaning of either rectangular, square or round hollow tubes. They are often made from plain sheet metal material. Your air ducts circulate cool or hot air throughout a building or home. These ducts can be considered part of the cooling or air ventilation systems in a building or home.

Cleaning air ducts is an important part of a home maintenance program. These ducts will function efficiently if they are maintained regularly. Dust and dirt can cause ducts to malfunction and make it necessary to clean them regularly. Dirty ducts are also more expensive to operate. The US Environmental Protection Agency states that homeowners can save up to 20-21% on energy by having Vaughan Duct Cleaning their air ducts maintained.

For homes and buildings who want to keep their air clean and prevent sick building syndrome, duct maintenance is a great option. As you can see, ducts are clogged with mold, dust, pet hair, and other allergens. They build up over time and get blown into the air for people. While polluted air might not cause allergies in some people, it can lead to other serious respiratory diseases. It is therefore essential to clean your ducts.

It is an easy process that involves:

Initial stage,Cover the heat vents with plastic bags before you start cleaning them. The bags will protect your duct cleaning equipment from any dust. It also determines the effectiveness of the suction in the duct cleaning machine.

The furnace’s trunk will be drilled by the technician. This will allow a large vacuum tube to pass through. A high-powered unit will then remove any dirt particles from the coils and duct.

Cleaning stage, A small hole is made in the furnace. Next, a whip attachment or spinning brush is used to push through the air conduits to remove any dust particles. Over the years, foreign objects have been known to get trapped in the vent ducts. These foreign objects can cause problems with heating and cooling systems. These blockages can be detected by companies using a scope camera. If the blockage is severe, the ducts can be temporarily removed for further removal.

Final stage, After cleaning the ducts, all blockages have been removed and the vacuum disconnected from the furnace trunk. The plastic bags from the vents have also been removed. The duct cleaning has been completed. The ducts will be cleaned and patched. The ducts are then cleaned by using a fogging solution.